Friday, September 23, 2011

My Phone Experience

Alright so as you all know I recently made the switch from beloved Blackberry to the ever so popular iPhone. I have been very much on the cuff regarding the switch due to how much I lived my BB and how long I have been a BB user! Today, however, I have made the huge leap from number 1 BB fan to enjoying my iPhone a little more! I am quite impressed with the multiple app features as well as the fact that I am blogging to you all from my iPhone! Service may mot be better but at the entry functionality outweighs my need for service!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Missing Monday

For the past several weeks I have missed work on Monday due to either holiday or vacation days, and I started thinking that we should always have 3 day weekends.  I am sure that everyone agrees with me on this but in truth I would be much more willing to work four ten hour days then five eight hour days, although  my days usually consist of about 10 hour days to begin with.  I bet job productivity would boost if workers had more free time.  Really I just want more days to stay up late and sleep in late :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Accident Prone Life

You know when you watch Comedies or Sitcoms and the bicyclist gets hit by a car door but usually is alright and everyone laughs? Well, not this time! I decided that I wanted to spend a nice Sunday afternoon cycling to the beach and swimming in the ocean with my friend Jess. The morning started out great; slept in, had breakfast, then made the drive to Jess'. She has some concerns about cycling certain parts of PCH to get to the beach but I assure her that I have ridden that path a million times and it is fine. So there we are 10 miles into our ride almost at our swim spot and BAM.....a woman in a blue Prius opens her car door right in from of me. Now I assure you I did not get up and people were not laughing!!
Good news however, I sort of walked away with minor scrapes and bruises and...well...I am on crutches for injuring my left knee. On the plus side my bike survived almost unharmed. To date this is 8 months from my last serious injury. Lets pray the recovery time is faster.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Disappointment

Now before I get into what is sure to be a very short excerpt for the day let me start by saying that this disappointment is very low on the list.

Decided to stay in for lunch today and work due to the load I have bc of the up coming holiday. So I take a 15 head out to Starbucks for my usual day time Grande Soy Green Tea Latte with 2 pumps of classic. I know sounds amazing right...well it is, I encourage you all to try one :) So I take my first sip and it is less awesome then usual, so I take another this time a little bigger....UGH!!! Disgusting and 100% unsatisfying and in no way worth $4.10! WHY??? Because they have tainted my glorious specialty drink with whole milk :( I know, awful right?!?! So my dilemma...take it back or throw in away (drinking it is out of the question, that's a gross bloaty mess waiting to happen.)

Will I last the day without my beverage?? I sure hope so!