Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Disappointment

Now before I get into what is sure to be a very short excerpt for the day let me start by saying that this disappointment is very low on the list.

Decided to stay in for lunch today and work due to the load I have bc of the up coming holiday. So I take a 15 head out to Starbucks for my usual day time Grande Soy Green Tea Latte with 2 pumps of classic. I know sounds amazing right...well it is, I encourage you all to try one :) So I take my first sip and it is less awesome then usual, so I take another this time a little bigger....UGH!!! Disgusting and 100% unsatisfying and in no way worth $4.10! WHY??? Because they have tainted my glorious specialty drink with whole milk :( I know, awful right?!?! So my dilemma...take it back or throw in away (drinking it is out of the question, that's a gross bloaty mess waiting to happen.)

Will I last the day without my beverage?? I sure hope so!